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My husband and I have known known each other for 22 years have been together for 11 years and married 6 years the past couple years our marriage has been rocky, we have split up a couple of times but we have always gotten back together I love him with all of my heart( my husband is bipolar). the last time we split up he went to stay with a friend of his who has a step daughter that is around our age, well apparently she had sex with him when he was sleeping heavily while on his medicine. she ended up getting pregnant with twins boys. this hit me especially hard because we have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for the past 11 years. the first thing she said is that she does not want me to be around the kids. she calls him crying and text him telling him she wished things were different and asked him to come spend time with her of course he tells her no but I am afraid when the babies are born in May that she will try to use them against him.

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