Cindy Griffith Bergholz, Ohio Ohio


Well let me start off by saying I was a stupid doormat for my prick husband Roger Scott Jr for quite a few years. We married in February of 1996 and it was a good marriage for a little while. In 2002 we already had 2 children and in June of 2002 I found out about his first whore Cindy Griffith bitch was pregnant and he had to tell me. I was livid but he begged me to stay in the marriage and he would never do it again I agreed to like an idiot. Things went well for awhile. . . || In 2005 we had another child and boom in 2007 I got the mail one afternoon here this bitch was suing him for child support for the kid she had in 2007. That makes 2 kids he has with this bitch. I threw him out and soon he was wanting to come back home and instead of running, I let him back again. Things went well for awhile. We had another child in 2010 but old habits don’t die and we are no longer together he is dead to me. Him and this bitch still screw to this day.

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By Ronald

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