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I’m a lesbian female married to my wife for 19 years. About 3 months ago I went for a walk with my sister an a mutual friend. Then I invited both to my place to offer them water. That day my wife and this”friend” talked for the first time. I didn’t notice anything weird. Then, 8 weeks ago, my wife was acting very weird, cold, distant and mean, and it was just so weird because she usually was very loving and sweet for me.After 2 weeks, I told my wife I could not deal with her meanness anymore and told her to change her behavior or leave. To my surprise she decided to leave and I was totally devastated and clueless. I had no idea what had gotten into her. Then later that day my tablet’s battery died and I decided to use her mini iPad while mine changed.Then, I went to check her online history and that’s when I found out she had been having an affair with the”friend” I invited home. They left together to a hotel, had sex on the same day they got together, this person who claimed to be my friend was telling my wife how to treat me and had her in the palm of her hand in less than a week. That friend who I will referrer from now on as the drunky slut junky who betrayed me just for the sake of it since later on she showed with her actions she had no interest on my wife anymore. All her plan was to hurt me because she is a very envious woman. She is also a pathological lier who made up so many stories just to clean her hands when I had all the evidence in front of my eyes. Texts, Facebook messages day and night, pictures etc.Later I asked that woman why she had done that to me and she said because she was upset I was not talking to her on the phone anymore. This woman is dangerous, she claims to be a religious good person, but she is pure evil, deceiving, delusional, lier, vengeful and a game player. || I’m now trying to restore my relation w my wife, but I’m afraid this dirty whore will always be there like a shadow spying on us and trying to find new ways to break us apart. || I honestly don’t know what to do, I wish I was financially independent, so I could leave all this nightmare behind, but I am not. I’m so hurt, angry, and feel played by all sides. || This is the woman who destroyed my marriage

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