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So this it is Chrystal, my husband and I have known her for 12 years. Why? because she was my husband’s Brother’s girlfriend for 10 years. He dropped her after he found her cheating on him. (to be fair he cheated on her also) After he dumped her, he met a girl, and got married, but Chrystal could not move on. So she started contacting all his friends to try to get them to sleep with her. || WELL. she heard that something happened to”brother” so she reached out to my husband for info. We were having a bad time in our marriage, he had gotten addicted to Xanax and other things, and was very depressed. At any rate, though I told him not to have any more contact with her, he did, I found out on Feb 14, 2012 when he got arrested for DUI and I got his phone from the cops. She called and left a message that it was Valentines Day and she would be sad if she didn’t see him. || I had suspected of course but that did it. So we separated, he denied it of course, but come on. We are not stupid. After a month or 2 he had come to the house and I checked his phone, He had unopened older emails from her, very explicit, fingering herself, licking her fake boobs. So I told him to get out again. And he did. || Another few months go by and again I give him a shot.. at this time HER boyfriend contacted me to tell me that they had still be talking, He was so out of it all the time on Xanax, Ambien and Beer that he would do anything. AND Boy she played him. He went to counseling, and got help for his addictions and I took him back, BUT that did not stop her, she would text me and feed me BS, this time I KNEW it was BS.. He sent her a text and told her to LEAVE his family alone, or if she didnt, he would tell me where she lived… SHE called the cops, and he was arrested for sending threatening texts. || Obviously that was it for her in any of our lives, That was over a year ago, in the last few months, she has been at it again, not with my hubby, but with another”mutual” friend, he is an idiot, and she is milking it, We KNOW her game is to make the Brother jealous still. MInd you he is happily married with a daughter he adores, he would never even think twice about this skank again. She keeps making new facebook pages, with the same name, her name, and the same friends, every time the men she wants to see what she is up to blocks her, she makes a new page. || Watch this one, She is a Skank, a Wh**e. she doesn’t work, she has a teenage son who has birth defects and her parents pay her rent and bought her van, oh, she”walks” dogs for her moms friends for party money.. 35.. and she acts like she is 15. || She needs to be exposed and stopped, men obviously won’t do it, so its time.

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By Ronald

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