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Complaint: Went To American motorcycle trading Co. In Arlington Tx to purchase a motorcycle. They went thru Chrome Capital leaseing program you pay the lease for 3 years at the end of the lease you can trade it in on a newer bike or continue making your same payments for 2 more years and you own the motorcycle. I put $3,000.00 down on motorcycle and planned on doing the purchase at the end of the lease. I invested another 2,500 in easy clutch and chrome and engine upgrades to the motorcycle only to be told one month before last payment was due they no longer offered the purchase option. I would have to turn the bike in or find my own financial services. I never missed or was even late with a payment for 3 years and lost everything i had invested in this motorcycle. They now want to chsrge me $595.00 dollars more for dealership cost to take back the bike. This should be aganist the law as this is a company thst has Ripped off thousands of people for millions of dollars and they still selling motorcycles that we have already paid for. Shame companies can do this to the public and get away with it.

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Address: 265 East 100 South , Suite 300 Salt Lake City, Utah USA


Phone: 800-406-1430

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By Ronald

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