Christopher Eaton – I call myself a man of God Men


Chris was on the worship team at church and started an affair with a fellow married member of the team. He has since left his wife and three young boys and moved in with his homewrecking slore. The amount of lies, the number of people whose faces he lied straight to is astounding . He is very good at playing the role of victim. He is very good at manipulating others. He lied to his wife, dragged his kids through hell to carry on this affair. He looked out in the sanctuary every Sunday at his wife and 3 children and her husband and 3 girls, while he sang about God. Hypocrisy doesn’t even put a dent in this. He then chose to move 50 miles away with his homewrecker. Leaving his kids town and becoming the typical EOW dad, if that.

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By Ronald

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