Christine Bishop/Alexander – Taylor, Michigan Michigan


I met my high school sweetheart and we had a son followed soon by a daughter we were young we struggled and no nothing was perfect but we loved each other and we had many firsts together we got our own place and were as happy as too inexperienced people could be. We were doing okay, figuring everything out. while we were doing that, Christine was busy with a man who had a wife. I was too busy minding my own business to pay her drama much attention,that was one of my big mistakes. well one day Christine came up pregnant by the man, and she came out with it to run off the woman. however she was in for a rude awakening when the woman did not leave, stood by her man and 20 some years later they’re still together!Well Christine ended up having a daughter and cutting the father out of the daughter’s life because he chose to get right with his woman instead of leaving her (by the way the wife was also pregnant with a little girl) for Christine.I still ignorantly thought it was none of my business what Christine did with her privates. Christina and I ran in the same group but her friend and her and my friend and I the four of us never got along we just made small talk but we were never the best of friends even though we hung out in the same circle. || One day I was walking with mine and my fiance’s daughter she was about 6 or 7 we rounded the corner to Grandma’s house when I saw Christine pick up my man and go peeling off in her car with him I was so shocked I started crying and fell to the ground this disturbed my daughter and she has hated Christine ever sense.We were young with two kids so I tried to work it out Christine was always hanging around during the time I had broke up with my fiance over him being with Christine she was gloating and very excited to have crushed my daughter and hurt my son when he came back home to try to save his family she kept on relentlessly I became pregnant with our third child a little girl and she had become disgusting angrily writing a letter stating that our daughter should be an abortion. Christine also hid on the side of the house when I was coming home from the hospital with our third child, she had balloons and flowers that said congratulations and she kept on until he went outside to speak to her only then would she leave. Christine was relentless and I finally let go of my fiance high school sweetheart the father of my three children she tried to get violent and have her and her friends fight me I could take no more but more importantly my children could take no more. He was angry with me so I prepared myself for him to run to her and he did he ended up with her and she ended up cheating on him with his friends and one of his brothers I don’t wish that on him and I’m going to say he did make me very mad and he did hurt me but he didn’t deserve what she did. To make matters worse they ended up getting married he put up with it a lot, because he figured after what he did to me he deserved to be treated badly, he had it coming. but I told him I had forgiven him! I had found somebody new and I had moved on! So he did not need to be punished any further, and the worst part was she was punishing our children! My daughter who hates her because she was with me when her daddy got busted, had to endure Christine’s daughter by the other man calling my daughters dad,, daddy. and then she married him on our daughters birthday because that was the only day she could get or so she said out of 365 days out of the year! I have met some pretty mean people in this world but to constantly attack children show the serious character flaw this woman possesses for my daughter’s sake I am happy to say he divorced Christine and my daughter got to say I still have a birthday but you no longer have an anniversary. She also fraudulently claimed our oldest son on her food stamp case!! on top of getting his college scholarship money!! because they sent his stuff to the address that was collecting food stamps for him because the government obviously thought he lived there!! he never lived with her one day!! and him and I tried our best to press charges on her! She has a record two kids, two different men, both men where with someone else when she got them!! and she also has a record of not being able to hold on to a man at least the decent ones may fall for her at first but they realized if she’ll cheat with me she cheat on me

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