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IG- sinatrasel3ct_ || Me and my husband had been together for 11 yrs and married not even 1 yr. before he cheated. Back in March, my husband went out with a group of friends bowling where this chick, I can not call her a woman, was there. At the end of the night, she”needed” a ride home and asked my husband if he can take her home. Of course, the idiot said yes. At 4 am he was not home yet, I attempted to call his cell and he would not answer. At about 4:15 he picked up, sounding like he was half asleep, freaked out with the”babe i’m sorry i’ll be home right now, i’m so sorry. I already imagined the worse. || The next morning I woke up and didn’t speak to him, you can see the guilt written all over his face. I confronted him in the evening and he explained that he gave her a ride but that was it and had a drink with her. I flipped out on him. Told him that she was a hoe and he disgusted me for even putting her in our car, it’s called a cab. Anyway, for weeks after that, he didn’t go out much. We spent the weekends together and it was all fine. I work in an accounting office, we worked long hours during tax season, 10 hr days. He had lost his job during the winter so he had free time on his hands. While I was at work, he was spending time with her. Now this is a chick who knew I existed. She knew we were married and had a little girl. We had a rough patch this year, I had a miscarriage back in Sept of 2013, which was one of the toughest things I had gone through. I dealt with weight gain after that, I have thyroid disease and suffered with depression after that. I can not complain that he was not a great husband, he was. But once, this chick opened her legs, obviously a man at his weakest will fall right in. This continued till about May, when I started noticing strange random text messages on his cell. He would tell me that they were probably wrong numbers and delete them. I, being the woman that I am, memorized the number. Come Monday morning, I went into google and found her name and address. I confronted him and he said that they were”just friends”. He knew exactly how I felt about the chick, I didn’t like her from past times. She was loose and that’s how everyone knew her, loose. She slept with all the guys that walked into her home, even a close friend of ours. || He stopped texting her but about 2 wks later it started up again. Now he was getting home late during the week. I confronted him 3x if he was seeing or talking to someone else and he denied it. One night, he came home at about 10 and jumped in the shower because he works in construction and was still in his work clothes. While in the shower, I went through his phone and found a few text message from her like he had been at her house. I pulled the shower curtain and asked him if he had been to her house that day and he said yes. I asked him if he slept with her and he said yes. So I started beating him in the shower butt naked. I punched him in the balls and started hitting him with his phone. I attempted to call her but of course the scared bitch wouldn’t answer. Immediately the next day I packed his stuff and told him to leave. He moved into his dads basement. But it didn’t stop there, she started tormenting me. Calling my cell private. Leaving me laughing messages, one night she called drunk or high, because she does coke, and started yelling that that was her d*ck now and to get myself a new one, she called my daughter a brat. I flipped out on her. The next day I confronted him and told him what she did, obviously she denied it and he believed her. I then, left to Florida to get away from it all with my daughter. The torment did not end, I kept receiving the private calls, and then one of her friends, I believe or someone she was sleeping with her, sent me a picture of her torso and boobs out that she had sent that picture to him and my husband. || Its been torment since that. She is a hoe and don’t get me wrong so is he. I am not taking him out as a victim. He is a scum as she is. I do not want him back. And I am sure it will all end bad for the both of them. His family has disowned him and wants nothing to do with her. He doesn’t’ want a divorce. I filed separations papers. I’ve had to move out of our home because the house was sold and we were going to be left homeless. So he left his family for the Yonkers, NY hoe, almost homeless. I know now I will be in a better place in many ways, I know I will be better off with out him. But I will make sure to make his life and hers miserable. You do not break up a family and expect to be respected as the”new girl”. No bitch you are still the”side chick””mistress””hoe”.

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