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I have been married to my husband for 15 yrs and for the last 2 yrs since moving to AZ there has been this woman named Christina that he has been having an affair with. At one point he spent pretty much the entire summer with her and her kids while I was at home with our kids but he claims he was staying with a friend and he occasionally popped in at home. Before that he would leave the house claiming he was going to walmart but wouldn’t take my son when he asked to go with him. My son would wait up for him and it would be like 2-3 in the morning before he came home. || This went on for a while, I left with my kids and he came chasing after me claiming it was over and that he is done with her, ya well thats not the case. This cycle goes on and on and he claims every time its over. He is home everyday and night lately but somehow this affair is still continuing, funny because Christina claims she doesn’t want a liar and a cheat yet she just texted me yesterday claiming she is f**king my husband still. Of course its all denied and the emails she sent me weren’t from him yet she knows things that she wouldn’t know unless she was talking to him. || He claims he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t talk to her and she is lying and is willing to do anything so that I kick him out so that he will run to her. So for Christina who doesn’t like a cheater and a liar she does hold out and puts out for a long time.

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By Ronald

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