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This is a follow up to the first post I made about the other slut I caught my husband with. As I said in my first post. My husband and I had been married for 8 years. We had a restaurant and this slut all of a sudden was at the restaurant every day. Every time I walked in (after working my day job). Christina was there. I asked my husband what the hell she was doing there every time I walked in the door? He said they were just friends and she stopped by to keep him company until I got there. Wasn’t really believing it but I had no proof at the time anything was going on. She even asked me to fix the leg on her kitchen table for her. Feeling sorry for her, I did. Little did I know that she was servicing my husband. || In October of 2014 we decided to close our restaurant. By that time they were already sleeping together. She went after him with all she had. In December of 2014 he purchased a wedding band and engagement ring and charged it to one of the many credit cards I had no idea he had. He had it shipped to her house. Then in January he purchased furniture for her, again on a credit card I didn’t know he had. By the end of January she said she was feeling guilty about what they had been doing and she ended the affair. She got what she needed from him is my guess. He told me he was feeling guilty too and he agreed they should end the affair. Guilt didn’t last very long because in February he found the 23 year old. || As I stated in my first post. He is never coming back. Apparently I lived with a man for 8 years that I didn’t even know. Neither he nor any of his sluts have any morals at all. This one has 2 girls. What kind of lesson are you teaching your girls? I was so crushed when I found out. Now, I have the support of my family and friends and will get past all of this. He on the other hand has no one left that cares what happens to him. You made your trashy beds. Lie in them. Which is what he’s doing in the 23 year old’s Mommy’s house. What a piece of shit. All of them.

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By Ronald

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