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My husband and had been together 12 yrs we found an old house we liked and started to fix it up. He had spent many long nights putting work into the house. While alone he had joined Meet Me a dating/chat site and began communication with this whore. I have read the messages of him telling her that he has a wife, but he felt alone and unappreciated she amped up the communication sending him messages nonstop. I at the time was working a lot, while he felt he was building our new home alone. She would beg him to come see her all the time, and he told her no he is taking care of his family. || I dont know what truly happened with them he claims he never had physical sex with her, she isn’t claiming anything just that he found her and thats when I said easy bitches arent hard to find. I wish I knew how to screenshot the facebook messages between her and I where she admits to knowing about me and that he told her I don’t do anything for him and that is his house. She told me if I was doing my job he wouldn’t have found her, I do believe something happened but I can’t prove it. Even funnier is she has 3 kids and is on welfare and doesn’t even have her own spot. What can she offer? If she was that great of a woman he would be with her LOL. || The ironic funny thing is her new”boo” Is in my inbox trying to get with me hmmmm guess she isn’t doing her job!! But I do not mess with any man who is taken so she is lucky I am not stooping to her whorish ways!!!

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By Ronald

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