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I responded to an ad on Craigslist in April 2011 for “stock photography”” needed. I received a response a few days later from “”Darla”” at DiscoverMe TV saying that I have been “”booked”” to do a commercial and print work for a cell phone carrier in Superb Magazine. nAt that point I could accept or decline the offer. It had a $1000 bonus attached to the offer as compensation. As I needed the money I accepted the opportunity. Darla then sent me the contract which I looked over and signed. She told me they were going to use one of the pictures I sent in and I would not need to come in to a studio for a photo shoot. I also had to purchase a “”talent work permit”” for future opportunities which she GUARANTEED I would be receiving at the cost of $35. At that point my picture was used in the April issue of Superb magazine and I was eventually sent a copy of the ad. nWhen I asked about how long it would take to receive my check

she said that info would be forthcoming soon. I received and email a couple of weeks later stating that my $1000 bonus would be sent our 30 business days from the day of the email

which was May 15th

2011. I figured I would have it by the middle of June

but nothing arrived. I then emailed Darla several more times and received no response. nI eventually had to tell her I would consult a lawyer if she continued to ignore me and not send my check. At that point only did she then told me that my bonus was “”scheduled”” for July 25

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