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Complaint: I purchased 6 yards of nylon quilted lining for coats from this seller on eBay who also sells online. I had to badger him to give me the tracking information, later to find out that the shipment is going to the WRONG CITY. I requested he would ship my order using UPS and he went against my wishes and shipped it FedEx and provided FedEx with the WRONG ZIP CODE! So now it’s going to be delivered to an unknown person! Seller refuses to resolve the situation. He’s done this before on eBay where a buyer had the same problem and had to be refunded by eBay since seller would not fix the situation. Now I’m out 150-plus dollars because seller shipped it with the wrong shipping company and also proceeded to give them the wrong zip code. So now I will never receive merchandise. This seller needs to be banned! There were complaints filed about this company with the Better Business Bureau, but they were removed. I also could not file a complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau because the Better Business Bureau was not letting me file a complaint. I have reported this seller to eBay.

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Address: 236 Inverness Drive Coldstream, British Columbia Canada


Phone: 250-558-1584

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