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Me and my husband have been together for 14 years this July. Its been an on and off relationship, but we have been together strong for the last five years, that is until last year. We moved in a new place in January 2013- my husband met this poor excuse of a human helping the trailer park management with her trailer. Soon things started to change, he was on his phone texting, always having a reason to go over there. One day he comes home, we fight he left for the night, came home the next day told me, he’s not happy he was leaving. Moved in with her, her sister and 8 kids. Total upgrade from our home…not!It was a very hard summer, on me, my two boys and step daughter. We began to talk, figure out where we went wrong. 13 years is a lot to throw away. We decided to give it a shot one last time. Everything was going great till a couple of weeks ago, he started changing again, but not enough to think he was cheating… I found out yesterday from her sister, they have not only been talking but f**king for a while now. I know I should leave him, but I just don’t want to toss away almost 14 years, so for now, I’m just gonna be me, worry about my kids, if he decides to admit it we will go from there.To you Ms. Homewrecking Hoe, || Do you not have morals, no self-respect? First my husband, then my sister’s boyfriend, now back to my husband…Now I know he is to blame as well, but you, you’re a disgrace, how are you going to pretend you are not being a straight hoe? You know he’s married, but do you know he f**ks me every night? He has no plans this summer involving you, go ahead princess believe those lies, keep saving yourself for him, better pack a lunch, he will never be with you. You are just a stupid hoe to him. You think he loves you…. he lives with me, he only talks to you if I’m not around, and tells everyone you’re crazy….but you’re right, he loves you… I can’t wait for karma to catch you, I will be laughing my ass off when it does. Remember what comes around goes around. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you…

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