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We have had problems with our air conditioning since 2008. Christian Heating and Air Conditioning neglected to tell us that the problem we were experiencing likely signaled a larger problem. It was well known by any HVAC specialist that Carrier had been having a HUGE problem with certain parts–and Christian had the right–and responsibility–to tell us this WHEN WE WERE WITHIN WARRANTY. By their own admission, they protect their suppliers and distributors. They are a disgrace. Worse yet, they quoted us a price for the part. It was OUTRAGEOUS! One phone call to a competitors got us a price for the part that was MORE than 50% lower. In fact, the price we paid for a part AND labor was less than what they quoted for the part alone. Nearly two weeks after the incident, the owner called me, which I thought signaled some attempt at remediation or AT LEAST an acknowledgement of disappointment at losing a customer. But no. He berated ME for giving him a bad review and quoted scripture. No apology. No customer service. He only asked if he could speak to my pastor. The whole experience was very off-putting. They have no regard for their customers. In the words of their service manager, they “fix things”” and are not in the business of “”consulting”” with customers or providing any real service. The doves on their trucks should be replaced by vultures.”

doylestown, Pennsylvania United States of America


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