Christen Mcnabb – She said she was only “helping a guy who seemed like he needed attention” like he was the victim or something… Tennessee


This happened back in October 2018, I have been contemplating posting this bc this is not something I would normally do but i am SICK AND TIRED of females like her doing and getting away with sht like this and pretending like they are good people. She was my husband’s ex co-worker, back when they worked together my mother-in-law (she also worked with them) told me that she had a crush on my husband, she asked my M-I-L who he was when she first seen him and my M-I-L told her that he was her son who was happily married, so she dated another co-worker. She knew we had a little girl together and that we had been together for 7 years, and she still sent him a nude picture and talked about meeting up with him to have sex. They never physically met up but they messaged for 3 days, the first day was the day i found out my grandfather, who raised me, had a cancerous tumor, the second day they messaged was on our daughters birthday, she knew it was our daughters birthday bc he mentioned it to her. I found the picture on his phone on the 3rd day they messaged, the same night she sent him the picture. I messaged her and told her to send me the screenshots of their messages or i would post her nude online, she tried to lie and say she didnt want my man and that she only sent the picture bc she thought i was cool with it bc i’m bi and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I believed her at first bc i figured he probably lied and told her i was cool with it, so i calmed down but told her i still needed the screenshots bc i wanted to know what all he said. Well, a whole day goes by and all she’s sending me is excuses to why she couldn’t send them to me due to being “busy” but i kept seeing her get on and off facebook (we were friends on facebook also) so eventually i realized she was putting it off bc the messages would most llikely prove that she did not think i was “cool with it” and that she was in fact just a sh1tty person, and i was right. So I made her send them to me, and the messages were way worse than she made them out to be and far worse than the pictures. Reading those messages felt like my heart was being ripped apart piece by piece. She also said she felt so horrible because she had “been in my shoes before.” That’s what makes her one of the sh1ttiest people on this planet, is the fact that she had been cheated on before and didn’t even care to put another woman through that pain. The first time i got cheated on i knew i would NEVER put another female through that pain bc i know how crappy it made me feel so i would never want to make another person feel that way and i never have bc i actually am a good person, not just pretending to be.

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