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About two years ago my traveling husband met a woman at work and started an affair. She knew he was married with two kids and a beautiful wife. He started treating me poorly and made me feel bad about myself. I thought he was stressed at work and I gave him extra attention, made his favorite meals, made love to him more. I felt bad because his travel schedule increased and he wasn’t here to help with the kids and practices, etc. well one morning after we made love he was scrolling through his phone and I was nestled in his armpit cuddling and telling him how much I love him and an email popped up. It had hearts and said Chrissy loves Kevin. I asked who and what the hell was this? I believed my husband was the worlds best man. I thanked God for him everyday and loved him endlessly. Well. He promised it was a just a friend, it was over, she was more into him, I believed him. For two years he lied, played games, took fake business trips to stay with her in her home. Finally he admitted the truth this year. Her niece died from cancer and that took precedence and she dropped him. Wasn’t long until he picked up another one. Anyway these women knew he was married. Knew we have a home, two kids, perfect little world and they chose to wreck our lives. Needless to say I struggle everyday financially, my credit is ruined, my husband wouldn’t allow me to go to to college because he promised to take care of me. After 18 years of marriage and 25 years of loving him he decided at 37 he would cheat and she ended up leaving him. Did he do the right thing? Nope. He brought another woman into our married home and she tried to move in. All her things are here. I told her two weeks to get the shit out or I donate it. So to be fair I moved back into our shared home and she can’t come here. My house. My things. Fuck her.

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