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Chris Record is a runaway scam artist. He achieved this million dollar net worth through an MLM scheme.He calls himself a serial entrepreneur, but he is far from it.Chris Record has been accused of cheating his investors, financiers, and partners. He has managed to get away with it.His first scam was Nouveau Riche, a program for students to learn about real estate investing. He packaged it with multi-level marketing for extra income. This start-up gained momentum by taking advantage of young adults looking to start their careers.He made money off of the tuition fees students paid and commission on the properties they bought and sold.Fortune Small Business accused Chris Record of dishonest marketing and stated that the company’s allied investment broker, Investor Concierge, promote properties as “positive cash flow”. They claimed that the cash flow is often positive only because of temporary subsidies, putting the buyer at risk of negative cash flow after the subsidies expire.The Commission ordered Chris Record and his affiliates to pay $5,577,226 in compensation.  He was also fined with $300,000 in administrative penalties for misleading 105 investors with unregistered deeds of trust investments.Chris Record was promoting those trust investments at real estate education seminars where students were promised double-digit returns.When the fell through, Chris started Bizzibiz. Bizzibiz franchise used digital marketing as its tool to attract its clients and customers. It was made to empower small companies and start-ups.Bizzibiz only lasted 3 months. The company was found guilty of defrauding 222,000 people out of $52 million in a vitamin-selling scheme. Chris was forced to file for bankruptcy.He left town and started yet another business venture- Tecademics.It was the same scheme had started with real estate. This time it was a training for technology. Students could sell the course products themselves and earn money. He limited the way they could sell their product.Students invested large sums of their own money to Chris Record in hopes of gaining huge returns.Of course, Chris only pockets the money they “invest.”It is amazing that a man like this can get away with so much. Stay away from any business associated with Chris Record.

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