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Chris Griebe has lied for so long and to so many people I wonder if he can remember what is true and what is a lie. He is a married man to Andrea and has a daughter in college. He has been caught cheating with two woman, 1 Deanne for approximately 5 years and then Emily for 3. Who knows just how many more are out there. Chris always wants to present himself as this happily married, successful individual. The perfect life but really he lives a double life. Not only are these relationships sexual but he also sucks these women in emotionally. Lets start with homewrecker #1, Deanne. This was his neighbor and they had an affair for over 5 years. Chris and Deanne aborted two babies. You can’t keep your d%#$ in your pants but you are willing to kill innocent babies. His wife finally found out about the affair. He continues his life, talks this song and dance about how happily married he is and what a great life he has only to find the next woman. Homewrecker #2 Emily. Chris works his magic, tells his lies and spins his web. This affair goes on for 3 years. He loses his job because of the affair but lies to his wife saying that he quit. Low and behold, Deanne comes back in the picture again. They talk, date, have sex, travel together until once again his wife finds out. Andrea actually believes that Chris will change, she allows him to stick his penis in multiple women time and time again. How do you stay married to a man who is such narcissist that he can’t even tell the truth if he tried? Watch out for this man. He will sweep ladies off their feet married or single and make them fall for him, give up everything so that he can have his cake and eat it too. Ladies, watch out for these homewreckers. They don’t care if your man is married or not. They care not if they disrupt or destroy a family!

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By Ronald

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