Chris French Bulldog Puppies


I found this seller through a google search. I contacted through a form on their website. I received an email with several pictures and a short video of a dog named “Rosa”. I was told that she was 12 weeks old and would cost $600. I was told she would come with contract, AKC registration papers, health/vet record and microchip registration form. I was also told that the pedigrees for the parents would be provided. The seller said they were located in Detroit, Michigan, and that the dog would be shipped for free because of a coupon from the shipping company. I was asked to send my full name, full address, and nearest airport to my home. I was also asked to reassure him that I would take proper care of the puppy. When I asked what forms of payment were accepted I was told Moneygram. When I asked for a name and number of the vet, my request was ignored. Request for health and pedigree information about the sire and dam was also neglected.

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