Chris Armstrong – Cheating A55 Liar Iowa


Sorry this isn’t a she but he destroyed his own home and family by CHEATING!!!!!! This is Chris Armstrong. Also known as a Cheating A55 Liar. Chris likes to physically & mentally abuse women along with cheat. He has 1 domestic on his record and his wife was kind enough to drop 3 other charges. That doesn’t include the times police weren’t called. He asked his wife to marry him 4 years ago while she was pregnant with their now 3 year old son. After they got married and she had their son that’s when it all started. The abuse, lies & cheating. He admits through texts that he used her, never loved her and has been cheating. He doesn’t want to see or even talk to their son. He’s a major manipulator. He will act sweet at 1st, lock you in and change. He has history of this with the mother of his 1st son. STAY away from this walking DRD. He WILL say it’s not true we have records beyond records to prove what kind of man he is.

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By Ronald

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