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I started making payments through the kiosks in a local 7 eleven in Hawthorne, CA a few months back, for SCE electric bill. They charge a fee, but if I was late it seemed to be faster then using the USPS, and I could put the cash right into the machine. There was no problem the first few times. However when there was a problem, and I had to call the number on my receipt, their customer service couldnt have cared less. They asked my all the information from the receipt, then I faxed it to them, and they didnt get back to me. The next day I called and they acted as if they never heard of me and I had to give them the info all over again, and sent another fax, only for them to do nothing about it and not get back to me again. I was on the phone with these people 5 days straight. Eventually I found out they had the original fax all along, for whatever reason playing dumb on the phone. Still, they wouldnt tell me why the payment was not made, when it would be made, or what I could do to get the money back. Vcom had record of the payment, but referred me to ChoicePay, who never offered any explanation or apology. Be very careful with your receipt if you pay any bill with cash in 7 eleven stores. If I had lost my receipt, I would have never got my money back. Even with a receipt, it seemed like I might have to take them to court. Still dont know why they lost the payment, and why they couldnt take care of it for so long, while my electricity went unpaid. I could have just mailed the payment and it would have been paid 3 weeks sooner. I will not make that mistake again. ChoicePay, you just lost what would have been a regular customer for life. Thank you for never getting back to me and letting me wonder when if ever you would pay, and thanks for not letting me know when you finally did pay.

2448 E 81 st, suite 3700 tusla, Oklahoma United States of America



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