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Complaint: My mother and I visited the Rent-a-car company on Sunday,June 12,05. We rented a caravan with numerous scratches and dents on the vehicle, especially one on the driver’s side door with an enormous scratch that had red paint, just also to note it was our first time renting a car. The guy who checked the car (who was a hispanic male) marked all over the vehicle(the form) and said don’t worry I’m the one that will check the vehicle when returned. The vechile was returned today on Wednesday, June 15,05. The receptionist who is a male checked the car, due to the fact the hispanic male was busy. I waited another 10 minutes before he came back and gave the another gentleman in the office the paper without saying a word to me. The gentleman went outside,came back in and informed me that the car has a red scratch on the pass side door. I informed him it was there before we rented the van. I said go and get that hispanic guy and he would let you know. The guy came and lied off his teeth, that shocked me, i felt like i was having a heart attack that he would really like out of his mouth like that without looking me in the eyes. This man (the gentleman from the office) told me it must have happened yesterday, and wiped his finger on the red scratch and the only thing that came off on his finger was dirt. I said if it was scratched where is the red paint. He couldn’t answer me. Now this man wants to charge my credit card for an incident that took place on their part, due to the fact i guess because my credit card covers retals and i also paid the man $4.99 per day for liability insurance when i rented the van to go to Pennsylvania. I am so upset due to the fact that I didn’t have my camcorder if i knew this was gonna happen to video the vehicle before I took it off the lot. I am also going to the Better Busines Bureau to report these people and to smalls claim court if they charge my creit card and let the court summon them to show records of the state that vehicle was in before they rented it to me. I hope everyone reads this and find out how people can just rip people off just because you are a female and also just because they are thieves. Annika Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.

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Address: 1500 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.


Phone: 718-421-8766

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