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Complaint: My issue is with unfair child support enforcement with Rowan County, NC and Cabarrus County, NC. I have 3 children total 2 with one guy. 1 with another. I have tried for years to attempt to get child support from my oldest sons father (15). Never got a response. His father has never given me a dime for my son and he will be 16 next year. Have went on more than one occasion to file for support with no response to my case. My oldest son ended up getting into trouble with gangs related stuff so DSS felt it was in the best interest of my 2 younger sons that he be removed from my home on a temp basis. The moment he was removed from my custody not even 2 months later I get papers in the mail stating that I need to appear in court. To make a long story short I pay DSS $119 every 2 weeks in child support for a child that I have raised on my own for 15 years with no help from his dad. Nor are they going after his father for support. Ok moving on to my two younger sons father. He is ordered to pay $580 per month in support. He was $6400 behind and skipped state for 2 years. I finally decided to just drop the case and forfeit the $6400 in back support because they were doing absolutely nothing to help my case, not garnishing his wages or anything. But the moment I missed one payment( which I really didn’t miss it. I started a new job and they started the payments before I got my first paycheck which caused a payment to skip) but the moment I got behind $119 they sent me a letter threatening to take my federal tax return. This is a load of crap. Deadbeats are skating. My oldest son was getting disability $480 per month to help cover his expenses with DSS ( the state) they called SSI and had his check terminated and then came after me for child support to help pay for his expenses.

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