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My husband started working at a factory near Columbus Indiana. Called (removed)! We were living with my grandma and I just had his baby in October 2013, she was premature. My grandma died December 23,2013. During this time my husband had been seeing this bitch behind my back. Her and I USED to be good friends, we played softball together and dated brothers. || My husband started acting weird. I was grieving over the loss of my best friend (my grandma) then the doctors called me and told me I needed to be checked for cervical cancer. While I was being checked my husband sat beside me holding my daughter texting this woman. I asked over and over again who he was texting. Cheyenne had several other people involved to hide the fact she was sleeping with my husband. Soon after they began texting me believing it was a guy, (I even called the number and a man would answer saying no girl was texting him and i should have trust in my husband). Oh and his cousin Cheyenne says hi. || My husband changed so much he wouldn’t hold his daughter or help me at all. He lied to me said he had to work on a day he was off and spent the whole day with her supposedly”watching movies”. Anyway, I went to his work and waiting for him to get off and I watched him sit in his car for 10 minutes and called me saying he had to go clock out and he wouldn’t be coming home, he wanted to take a break from our marriage. I waited and watched. He went inside and a couple minutes later came out and walked Cheyenne to her car. He walked away and she said”hey come here”. I lost my mind as he walked to her and drove up and freaked out. You can imagine how I felt. || She is a HOMEWRECKING WHORE. She didn’t even have to balls to tell me what happen, she ran to the cops and said I was harassing her nasty ass. I think they should bring back the law if you cheat on your spouse you go to jail. If you want to cheat there is a thing called divorce. Here is the link to her facebook. (removed)

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By Ronald

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