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Complaint: Asked for 5.00 in gas and gave credit card to attendant, attendant fills vehicle up by mistake while talking to his friends and says my visa was already charged. When I challenge the overcharge he became angry and said he would get in trouble. I told him I did not ask for more than $5.00 of gas and he agreed, but, he could not credit my account and that I had to see Ray, the manager, on Monday. He wrote a note to “Ray”” on the back of the receipt to credit “”this guy””. I went by at the time specified and was told Ray had left for the day. The clerk called him and he said I already had the gas and they wouldn’t credit my account. The clerk refused to let me talk to the manager and I was basically told “”sorry about my bad luck””. As I left the store an attendant asked me in a aggressive tone “”do you have a problem”” When I started to explain

Tags: Gas Stations

Address: I was told to “”get off their property””. Ken beaverton

Website: 503-356-8681

Phone: OregonU.S.A.”

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