Chevrolet of Jersey City Review


If you go to this place and have the misfortune of speaking to a man named Ken Barker you are going to be thousands of dollars poorer. | I had to take my car back to this place 5 times and every time they told me something else was wrong. Here is the punchline. I dont event think they touched the car! | Struts: $1200.00 (still making wierd noises) | Timing chain ($900.00) had to go back 3x and it still rattles. Turns out they never even TOUCHED the timing chain but charged me $900.00. I had to take it back and demand it be replaced | Throttle body cleaning $200.00 (came back idling at 2200 RPM – had to take it back – they told me I needed a NEW throttle body for another $500) | This place has utterly MASTERED the art of deceit, thievery and lies. DO NOT go to this place. They also stack the google reviews with good reviews. They actually have a staff member monitoring the reviews. Why would they need that? | STAY AWAY – you have been warned – please go to your local repair shop and develop a relationship with them. | I also sense that there is something even more sinister going on there. Although that I cant prove. Its just a sense.


Name: Chevrolet of Jersey City

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Jersey

Address: 905 Communipaw Ave

Phone: 201-743-8984


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By Ronald

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