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Complaint: Purchased a 2001 Cavalier on 11/24/2001. It has 3000 miles on it and it had the factory warranty remaining. I also purchased a Ford Extended Warranty plan. I had multiple issues with the vehicle. Steering, dash problems, transmission problems, tires, and the heater motor. So I took it to the Chevy dealer and I got the runaround at first. They tried to tell me that I had to take it to the FORD dealer because I had the Ford warranty. But it only had 8000 miles on it and it was still covered by Chevy. So I went to the Ford dealer and I get ” this is still covered by Chevy you will have to return to the Chevy dealer””. Which is true! So I had to talk to the manager at the Chevy dealer to get anything done. My car was finally repaired at the Chevy dealer. Drove it for 2 years with no problems what so ever. When I get home to Ohio in 2003 I started experiencing front end noises and it had 25

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Address: 000 miles on it. The chevy dealer took the car and repaired it. Stated that the “”front strut bearings”” were defective. Now again 2 years later it is making the same noise. It currently has 45

Website: 000 miles ago… now it’s happening again! This will be my last GM vehicle that I or anyone of my family own!! The customer service is one of the worst! They only cover Factory defects during the warranty period!! Robert Brunswick

Phone: 000 miles on it. I contacted Chevy and the dealer. The service guy stated “” well

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