Chen Junfeng Newark New Jersey Review


Merchant produces poor quality counterfeit clothing, accessories and food supplements. Do not buy from this merchant. Be aware if you decide to order form them you will receive garbage. If you decide to resell their items or “drop-ship”” be aware that it is a federal crime to ship counterfeit goods in the USA for profit. See US Code Title 18 Chapter 1341 Frauds and Swindles. I also advise that NO ONE attempt to consume any of their food/supplement items. China has a huge problem with counterfeit/tainted foods and people are being poisoned daily. If you see this company or receive their spam..

report it immedtiatly to [email protected] and file a complaint with the FBI at you have consumed any of their products please dial your local poison control or 911.” Internet United States of America

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By Ronald

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