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My husband of almost 9 years was sleeping with a girl that he not only works with in the Navy, but that he had also introduced me to months before the affair started. I found out because after months of feeling uncomfortable about their”friendship”, I decided to go through his phone and see for myself. They were telling each other that they loved each other and that she just wanted to suck his dick and how long would it take him to leave me. It was absolutely heartbreaking that the man I had devoted my life to and was trying to figure out the issues between us and resolve them would be doing this to me. And when I called her after waking him up and exposing them, the stupid whore tried to lie to my face. The next day, he told me he would leave her alone and he wanted to fix things between us and move forward and when he told her this, she told the command about the affair. || In the Navy, adultery is a huge crime. What usually happens is that the junior service member is given a much lesser punishment that the senior service member. She thought that he would get ruined and she would get a little slap on the wrist. What she hadn’t counted on was me. See when I confronted her, we started to text each other. She was texting me things like it only took her a few months to make my husband want to throw away our 8-10 years of marriage to be with her, and that I couldn’t compete with her, and that he loved her and would have a happy ending with her. Well I forwarded all of those messages to the command. She ended up getting into just as much trouble as he did lol. I feel especially wonderful about the part I played in that. And she is still pursuing my husband. She was even so stupid as to say out loud in front of 2 of her superiors that my husband was still going to leave me for her just yesterday, getting her into trouble yet again. Payback is a bitch, but I’m still not satisfied. || That disgusting whore deserves to have her world crushed in and impossible for her to ever get out. Oh yeah and I forgot, when my husband decided to come back home, she even lied and told him that she was pregnant with his baby. I know this is a lie because her own father told me so! Stupid, disgusting, pig faced whore!

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