Chelsea Garrido – Glendale, New York New York


Chelsea Garrido has a history of running around with married men, using them for money and convincing the older ones to.write her into their wills and on to their insurance policies. I let her HAVE that fool, but Ive been hearing she’s done it again to two or three other guys and is also running a brothel out of her apartment. She is a class act, this one. She lives on Woodhaven Boulevard in Glendale Queens, that complex near the bridge and Home Depot..Question wtf your man is doing around there and if he’s going to home depot go with him. This pic of her is one of her “disguises”, the blond color must be a wig bc she usually has ratty dirty brownish hair and is stuffed into super slutty clothes that accentuate her big stomach and skinny legs. She is cow shaped. She is allegedly a “voodoo priestess” who puts the “hex” on guys who dump her or on angry wives. Oh Im feeling all hexed up now. Also, get tested if you suspect involvement with her, I was lucky and nothing happened but a sleaze like her may have diseases.

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By Ronald

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