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My husband and I have been married 15 years. We had our share of ups and downs. He met this woman as he is a mechanic and does a lot of side work for extra money. He is just a nice guy. Some little skanks mistake kindness for flirting. Chelsea began to text my husband constantly. Against my wishes he did fix her car another time. She then proceeded to spread rumors that my husband was sleeping with her. Rumors that I got sucked into. I got tired of questioning and doubting. I packed up my three kids and left him, left our home and our entire life. He sobbed. He called me every day. He was heartbroken. I began to realize that the rumors were lies, since he was home every day and had my kids almost all the time. We worked it out and I came home. || Chelsea continued texting and calling my husband even after he told her numerous times to leave us alone. It has been quiet since April. Well …. last week it just came back to me again. Now she is pregnant with another married man’s child. Yet still cannot seem to get it thru her pathetic mind that my husband does not want her, nor did he ever. She is a disgusting pig who has not only done this to our family but to numerous others as well. I approached her myself last week and she was giving me dates and times telling me she slept with my husband in my bed and at his job. I could feel myself slipping into that doubtful place again. But he swears to me he did nothing with her. He has never cheated before so I have little reason to distrust him. He is home right after work every night. || I can’t understand how a woman can attempt to destroy a family in this way. We just want to be left alone and this psycho woman just won’t go away. There are no secrets in our home. My hubby doesn’t guard his phone like cheaters do … he leaves it right on the table … if I wanted to look I could. but I will not go to that place again … if I feel I need to look then this is a marriage I do not want to be in. I just want this crazy psycho to leave us the hell alone and never want to see another family have to go through this because of her.

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By Ronald

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