Chelsea Antonson (Perez) – Lock up your men. Chelsea will take whatever she can get Illinois


Watch out ladies, this slut is on the prowl. She is so desperate for ANY mans attention she will wreck anything in her way. She spent the night with my friends baby daddy AND her kids several tines including a night in a hotel room where she hooked up with him in the room wigh the kids there. She even had the nerve to post pics of the kids on her slooty snapchats. She also “dated” MY long time boyfriend for a few days knowing he had a serious girlfriend of many years and we were just on a break. Yeah he is a d1ck for hooking up with that trash bag, but she will stop at nothing for a shread of mans attention. This is not the 1st or the last time this sloot has put her vagina all over town. gross. She works at a bar in McHenry and prowls on men in relationships including her own BOSS who is married to her other BOSS. She is known to frequent bars in McHenry and sloot it up, fuk married men in bathroom stalls and other nasty stuff

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By Ronald

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