CheapTickets-Orbitz Riverton Utah Review


Well, at least I was not ganked as bad as some others obviously have and I say that because for the small amount that I got taken for is miniscule compared to others for that I am sorry. However, this company is very dishonest all to make whatever profits they can manage to make. In my story, I booked a room for two nights in Texas and did it through ORBITZ and “CHEAP TICKETS”” yes I used quotes on purpose because I thought they are all over television and such what could go wrong or badly!?! Okay lesson has been learned!! I will NEVER use this company or any others like them for that matter. My issue was that as stated I booked a hotel room for two nights. Accepted the charges

but if they at the time had informed me that the rate THEY are charging me could actually be MORE then the room TRULY was I would have not utilized them. Funny how they left that part out. I am a person who likes to make INFORMED DECISIONS! Too bad I did not check more deeply into this so-called reputable company as had I done that I would have seen the multiples of complaints about this exact same company and YES it should be illegal as someone stated already! I had the impression that they are supposed to REDUCE prices not RAISE them! And the tired excuse about bulk booking

give me a break!!! Costco and Sams Club go with bulk and save you money! I am going to see if I can go to my bank and see if they can be held liable for the misleadings they obviously give off to what seems ALL their customers and see if I can get reimbursed-what a reputable company would do IF they want repeat business. All I wanted was a stinking $16.00 refund and then MAYBE I would be a return customer

but all they wanted to “”give me”” was a travel voucher for future travel. That just guarantees THEM a future profit from me. I would NEVER have knowingly agreed to a BIGGER price and THAT is why they intentionally hide the fact that what they charge will most likely be HIGHER than the actual business would charge! Please do the legwork personally then put these irresponsible and dishonest companies out of business!”

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By Ronald

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