(Orbitz) And Reservation Rewards Royal Palm Beach Florida Review


Orbitz is the worst , I called them over Ten times to change my return ticket and was put on hold for Twenty minutes then was hung up on I called again and had the same happened again I then asked for the manager and was told the person on the phone was the manager. I was then hung up on again!!!! I waited and called the following day and had another person on the phone Finally I said hopefully this will get done correctly by a professional I was Wrong!!!! they did the same exact thing to me first she could not find my flight then was to hold for a half hour!!!!! then was hung up again!!!! I then called few other times that same day and was just put on hold I waited and called on the Third day to just be put on hold for forty five minutes!!!!! I asked for a manager I was placed on hold and when someone finally got on the phone I was told that I would have to pay additional fees which I was ok with the two hundred and fifty dollar penalty fee and some of the ticket fees but then was told that I would have to pay for the customer service calls I placed the first two days I called and the from the third day. Thats when I had enough and decided to make a report on them. They are horrible and will just take your money on the reservation and then when you want to make changes they will just ignore you. I will never use them again and will just got directly to the airlines they are a BIG RIPOFF!!!!!!

Inc 500 W. Madison, Suite 1000 Chicago, Illinois United States of America


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By Ronald

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