Cheapoair Locust Grove Virginia Review


Basically they will not refund my money for services not provided. They did not make the passenger aware on the itinerary that there would be an astronomical charge for luggage. He did not have enough to pay for the ridiculous luggage cost and therefore could not travel. I cancelled the flight before departure. All they would do is credit a partial amount of money (not the full amount) for use only on the airline but it will not be available for 12 weeks and can only be used by the original passenger within the next year. I explained to them that this was not going to work due to the fact that there is no travel planned for this person within the next year (by the time the credit is available he will already have been here and gone). So you can see how a credit that I can not even use even though I paid for it is completely useless to me. Did I mention that if the passenger were to use the “airline credit”” that there would also be an additional $150 rebooking fee. They refuse to credit the money back to my account in full. To sum this up simply services were not provided and they are keeping my money. They claim that the itinerary clearly states that there will be a baggage charge. I looked thuroughly in grave detail and it absolutely DOES NOT state that in any way shape or form. I want to mention that the passenger has not traveled on an airline for many years and was not aware that airlines are ripping people off for luggage these days and he did not have enough to cover the luggage on him. This entire situation could have been handled differently

but all I want is my tiny little $345.00 back. That is all I asked

but they are only giving up an airline credit that is absolutely useless to me. CheapoAir is a complete ripoff. Do not ever use CheapoAir. If there are any issues you will be screwed in the end. I am going to fight it vigorously. $345 is not a lot of money

it is the fact that I am completely being ripped off and it is like they a telling me to go F&$% myself. I can not allow this. My mother is on her death bed with cancer and could pass away today and her son might not be by her side because of this. Did I mention that customer service was in India or some disgusting Arab country? Yeah


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By Ronald

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