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Airfare Hurricane Rippoff: unfairly took complete advantage of these Florida victims of oncoming Hurricane Irma to charge abusively expensive prices for flights out of Florida. The company capitalized on our flight to unnecesarily make huge dollars. Our emergency meant their cash. Once Hurrican Irma was clearly going to target Naples Fl, we needed to evacuate and fly north the Thursday before the hurricane hit on Sunday – as did many thousands of residents of SW Fl. jacked the price up on the few remaining seats to unbelieveably exhorbitant levels — quoting us prices ranging from $2700 – $3500 roundtrip economy tickets for two from Tampa Fl to Baltimore and return. We ultimately were charged $2900 to make our timely escape from the hurricance’s path. Now that the hurricane has past, Tampa to Baltimore/return flights for two over the next two weeks range from $326 – $879 on cheapflightsfares. The company demonstrated a total lack of conscience and certainly did not operate in the customer’s interest here – rather they chose to line their own pockets. Will never use again.

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