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My father in law just passed away and i needed plain tickets for my husband and my daughter to fly from Raleigh NC to ontario ca , 1 Ticket would be a 1way and my husbands ticket a round trip . I booked the flights on the phone for 528.50 total for both tickets , gave the credit card # and had more then enough money in the bank to pay for both tickets . Cheap o air took out 290.00 for one ticket and then 2 hours later tried to take out the remaining 238.50 for my husbands ticket . At that time they emailed and said the was insufficient funds and could not get the money . nI called and talked to them and was told its my bank , so i called them they said no it was cheap o air . I called cheap o air back and found that they had taken 75.00 more from my account , I asked why and was told no straight answer , I asked for a supervisor or manager and was told on 2 different occasions that they didn’t have supervisors or manager on duty , they told me to call back the next day to have the card ran again . nI then called back the next day to have them run the card again to purchase the ticket and was told again insufficient fund . All the while you can not understand them very well , Not english speaking ! I told them i wanted to go ahead and cancel my under age daughters plane ticket because she can not ride alone to California and because it had not been 24 hours yet i figured they should have no problem refunding the 290.00 back onto my card so i can then purchase the tickets from somewhere else so they don’t miss the funeral . They then told me i would suffer penalties of 111.00 plus 75 and 35.00 for penalties . nI was outraged , I have went through so much already that i couldn’t handle anything more from them and wanted to be done . So i agreed and they took all the money from my banking account . I don’t have any more money and now my husband cant fly to California for his fathers funeral . It is the law to have a manager or supervisor on duty at all times Thank you nAlexisnClayton, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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