Château de Challain-la-Potherie Review


My husband and I had our wedding ceremony here. We paid for a wedding package. | Two stars because the owner was vague throughout the process, not forthcoming with details. We didn’t receive a warm welcome, our room smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in months. The sheets were musty. The bathroom shower hardly worked including the toilet. Our package included a violinist which didn’t show! The owner was gone so we had to play music off some iPod for my walk to the alter. I had to hurry up and find a song. They had to restart my song three times. Our package included dinner which was awful! We BOTH ordered steak which only my husband received; I received some sort of fish that looked and tasted like chicken nuggets. | The violinist that never showed was supposed to be our music during dinner so we ate in silence. I think there was music from an ipod playing as the owner and other guests had dinner. | I learned later our photographer was fed my steak! I wish all this was a joke but I’m not joking. Our cake was a traditional French cake! But only the very top balls where cake, the rest of the cake was fake! The owner never told us. The cake was actually lopsided. They didn’t even clear our dinner plates before bringing the cake in! I actually tried to cut the cake! The section was fake and the only real part where this little cake balls. | The whole experience was so awful my husband almost left during dinner as we had paid about $9K for this mess. What really got us down was the demeanor of the owner and her lack of professionalism and politeness and actually giving a d**n about her guests. For $9k we deserved so much more. I was told via email from owner sorry for violinist. I was the one who had to email Cynthia about the violinist not showing. I asked for a refund as we paid for this as it was extra. She replied that she was busy but could I email her at another time as my email would just get lost in her inbox; that I should remind her again down the road. Wow! Where I come from we apologize and send a refund asap…we don’t re-insult our customer again. Cynthia per our package assigned a photographer. | I’ll make this short as this is where I loose my cool. After 6 weeks, not one teaser pic, excuse after excuse on why she couldn’t even send ONE PICTURE, I was done. She hadn’t even started the process (my laptop is in the shop, my life has a lot of stress right now, I’m a one man show, I just returned from France last week). End of story, I asked or demanded politely she send all of the pics NOW. We would go through them, edit them, put them together. We wood take this burden off her plate so she focus on her stressful life. Out of more than 1,100 pics, we only had 2-3 head shots! The rest of the pics where out of focus, our heads where actually missing in several shots (today I can laugh but …) or half of my husband body actually made it in the shot! She took ALL the photos with my hair covering the right side. She told us not to smile as we looked sultry etc.and my husband looked like the Godfather. lol. Well when we saw them, we looked mad, or like we’d been to a funeral. I had side curls down that side! She never took a good shot on the left so my face would be in the pictures! This experience ruined our “Day”. I should have realized we would not get good photos as our photographer drank glasses of champagne before our wedding even began. | This was our $9k wedding in France. Btw, I love France; beautiful place and I cannot wait to go back! If you go on rip off report you’ll see more reviews. People upset about having to pay in cash. She asked us to bring the remainder which was $3000 in cash. Yeah right, we’re going to get $3K cash, put in our suit case, travel to France, drive 3 hours out to this place with cash. But hey, I’d do the same if I was ripping off the IRS. If Cynthia is reading this, just take the money you owe for the violinist and hire someone to clean the rooms.


Name: Château de Challain-la-Potherie

Country: France


City: Challain-la-Potherie

Address: 1 Route de Candé

Phone: 908-489-5005


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