Chase to the Checkers FERRIS TX Review


Chase to the Checkers diecast cars are a RIPOFF. I paid for 2 diecast NHRA cars, but i never got them. I still have the check they cashed ….. nDO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.I bought a John Force car 1/24 grinch and the 1/64 frankenstine for my son xmas present.That was 2 years ago.I called asked what the deal was excuse i’m sold out but i had already paid for them and shipping before they where sold out.. nWell since they had there money they could careles if i got the cars i order,so they asked if i would like something else,well hell they had there money , i said ok send a 1/24 nascar which was cheap… nWell guess what I still haven’t recieved a car.I HOPE THIS STOP SOMEONE FROM LOSING THERE MONEY ON THIS DEAD BEAT RIPP-OFF LOW DOWN LYING COMPANY nCHASE TO THE CHECKERS DIECAST CARS IS A RIPP-OFF nTODDnTexas, USA

19 West Main Street P.O. Box 148 Apple Creek OH 44606 Apple Creek, Ohio U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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