Chascidy Santana – Beware of this hoe! Texas


This 18 year old freshman drop out is the #1 sl*t of the Southside!! My child’s father not only cheated on me with her but HIS OWN BROTHER hit that too! She’s all talk and no action, she lives with her so called “boyfriend” now but only because me and my ex sister in law are looking for this stupid c**t!! Her boyfriend is Christopher Guerra and this poor guy doesn’t know that she’s only using him for a roof over her head and for money! She’s been seeing my child’s father for pretty much my entire pregnancy and I can tell you one thing is for sure she is STILL hitting up him up while she’s living with her boy toy! She used to be with my friend Rudy and she isolated him from not only his friends but his own family!! She hit and abused him, cheated constantly and would ruin all of his stuff just when he would tell her no to something! Ladies if you EVER see this girl steer clear of her! She’ll act all nice and sweet but she is nothing but a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum when she can’t get the guy she wants to f**k her and a wh**e!! She’ll stop at nothing to destroy families and lives!

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By Ronald

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