Charlotte Helicopters, Inc. Review


Charlotte Helicopter threatend my life with a helicopter ride in AeroPlantation Waxhaw, NC. The pilot Rieni Grauer said he was going to take us on a helicopter tour around the Waxhaw area. After getting on the helicopter Mr. Grauer decided to take his own tour…I said what are you doing and he said you will see.. I said why are you flying so low near the lake and he said I wanted to see this up and close. I thought it was all over and we were going down. The next thing I remember was him heading straight for the lake and I he thought it was funny. I knew at that point I was riding with a crazy man. I said land this helicopter I want off. He said ok, this was about 15 minuter into a one hour tour. He landed the helicopter on the AeroPlantation runnway and when we landed we were confronted with a women who said she was the homeowner association president and to get out of the aircraft. We did and one of her associated blocked the helicopter from returning to Mr. Grauer’s home where he stores his helicopter. He forced his way past them and the next thing I remember was the police arived and he was quested by police for unsafe flying of the helicopter. I left and will never forget this terrible event. Do not use this company to take any tour in this helicopter he will we do as he pleases and risk your life with his unsafe flying.


Name: Charlotte Helicopters, Inc.

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Waxhaw

Address: 1110 Baron Rd.

Phone: 704-839-8499


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By Ronald

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