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Charlie and Harley Guess, hereafter subjects, on or about 10/1/2014 agreed to rent a home from me in Corrales, NM on a lease to own option with a final buy out/purchase date of Oct 2016. On or about May 1 2016 i was informed that the purchase was not going to happen and in fact the subjects wanted to move out 6/1/2016 contrary to the lease agreement of Oct. After 2 days reviewing the situation it was a agreed the the parties would split the 4 months difference and signed an agreement to that effect with July and August to be paid. Numerous promises were made by the subjects of compliance but i have not seen a dime. It was further agree/promised that the subjects would controll their dogs. About $1400 in damages was deducted from the security deposit. The subjects are dishonorable people who will say anything to get what they want. They didnt complete the purchse as agree, didnt pay the written 2 months to get out of their prior agreement early and did not controll their dogs. They have a vollyball league business at the stated address but i would never do business with them nor could i recommend anyone else to. Bob Lester


Name: Charlie and Harley Guess

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Albuquerque

Address: 8225 Washington St NE

Phone: 505 239-2461


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By Ronald

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