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Some time June 2005 this person who knows my man and went to high school with him has been chasing him for sex. She was in our home back in February when I was away and had to the nerve to text me (trying to be a friend ) about my dad’s death. I told this skank not to call my home anymore. I blocked him from calling her on the cell and her for trying to reach him as well. She continues to contact my man at work everyday, she’ll pick him up to have sex with her when he’s suppose to be at work. she has done this many times to the point his co workers can’t wait to tell me so. || They got caught back in 2010 having sex in the park like a”DOG”. She claims he’s single and does what he wants to. We have been together for 21 years and this has been going on for the last 10. His older sister kicked her out of her house for sneaking over there when she and her husband were out. The dog just won’t go away. I have told here many times to get her own man but she keeps chasing mine. From the looks of her she just can’t get her own. She will do anything anywhere the PIG! || I can no longer put up with this , I left him 2x’s so he could be with her and both times he came for me in Cali wanting me to come back. Enough is enough. He wants garbage he can have it!!!!

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By Ronald

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