Charity Gertiser Vandervoot, Arkansas Arkansas


My husband went to a concert while I stayed home taking care of the kids. The concert was over at one but he told me at 1130 he was on his way home so he should have been home at 1220. He didn’t get home till almost 3 am. When I asked what was taking so long he said oh there’s roadblocks which come to find out there was not. He also said there was a huge truck wreck. this is a small area so I know that is a lie. Well I looked at his phone and saw messages also saw Facebook messages where she said she doesn’t like being the side chick and she normally stays away from married men. Well looks like charity really doesn’t. Well I wanted to put this out here maybe she will see it or someone will show her. || While you were busy fucking my husband I was at home with our kids and me being 6 months pregnant at home hurting. You little fucking skank, you have not gotten away with it. And when the baby is born, you best believe that when I see your whore ass, I am going to beat the hell out of you. Thanks for fucking up a marriage and if you think when we get divorced you will live happily ever after, I will make sure you won’t have much time with him. Alimony and child support for 3 kids won’t be cheap. So he will need to work more than a full time job pays. Also I promise you that you will not be around my children ever. I will not allow a nasty ass homewrecking hoe near them.

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By Ronald

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