Chapman BMW Chandler Review


Summary– Chapman BMW dealership dupes customer into buying a “certified pre-owned” vehicle, but doesn’t stand behind the warranty. They ignore multiple attempts from the customer to contact or resolve the issue, until a complaint with the Better Business Bureau results in a partial refund. They attempt to squelch complaints by threatening to not service the vehicle, but the story is continuing on, regardless. | On November 27, 2015, one of the author’s friends went down to the Chapman BMW dealership to buy a used BMW 328 listed on the site. Kenneth Smith, a sales rep for Chapman, said that the car was no longer available, but that he had another one that was very similar. It hadn’t yet been listed for sale and was “currently in the shop” getting prepped to sell. | | Mr. Smith took him back to the service shop, showing him the car (2013 BMW 328i). He kept touting all the benefits of buying a “Certified Pre-Owned” vehicle from BMW due to the “thorough and rigorous inspection” each vehicle goes through before going on the lot. | Smith provided multiple assurances that any repair needed outside of regular maintenance would be covered under the CPO 100k mile warranty and that there was nothing to worry about, given the car had only 38k miles. | The “CPO extended warranty” sounded too good to be true. Mr. Smith said it wouldn’t be ready for a few days because the dealership had to replace the tires and wanted to ensure there was nothing else that needed repair. | The customer signed all the paperwork and was told to come back the following Monday to pick it up.


Name: Chapman BMW Chandler

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Chandler

Address: 7455 W Orchid Ln

Phone: 480-344-4269


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