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This proud homewrecker came into our lives almost 8 yrs ago. My husband and I had been together for 10 years and had 3 children ages 4 and under. She managed to befriend my husband while he was working. Us police wives call these types of trashy girls”Badge Bunnies”. My husband fell for her trap and started a relationship with her. I found text messages on his cell phone with her giving him an ultimatum her or his family!!! I called her up immediately and confronted her about being with my husband. All the coward could say was”it’s not my fault your marriage has problems”! Wrong!! She was my marital problem.Between my husband’s and my jobs we worked over 100 hrs per week. We hardly ever seen each other and she knew this. She would tell him that he deserved someone who would take care of him and would give him the attention he deserved. Thats sweet coming from someone working at a convenient store with no kids. As time went on and my husband and I worked on each other and she became obsessed. She created a fake Facebook account and friended me under a friends name that I hadn’t seen in a while. She moved less than a mile from my house and proceeded to drive past constantly. I had a sugar skull tattooed on my arm and the local artist put it as his cover photo….. not even a month later she has a similar tattoo that she was posting for the world to see. She even went and bought a black Pug a few months after my husband and I got the adorable family pet. She has emailed me telling me to stop posting homewrecker ecards on Facebook which I always made public but never put a name. Can you say guilty conscience!?!?! She even managed to stay unemployed and mooch off of the system to go to the Police Academy so she could be like my husband…..Yes! She is psycho!! || Almost 8 years later she is still posting pics of when her and my husband were together. She even puts his badge number as part of her user name. I have always taken the high road because of the respect I have for my marriage, my children and myself but this girl is out of control!!!! My husband always tells me that I have every right to personally confront her about all of her crap but I dont want to encourage her craziness!!!! She has more than deserved to be put on this site for many years!!! Some woman were never raised with any morals or values I guess!!!

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By Ronald

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