Champman egg harbor township


Champman egg harbor township aka. Ford dealership Charged for vehicle that was not fixed Egg harbor township New Jersey!!. 2013-08-29 My car was taking to Champman Ford car dealership to be repaired for a sensor that repeatedly popped up. The dealership said they fixed the car which cost roughly $70. I picked up the car it was doing the same thing keep in mind this problem is killing the battery. I took it back and now they claimed they put it on diagnostic before and said it was nothing wrong with it, but now they say I need latch on the trunk they ordered it and put it on, which cost an additional $217. I picked the car up and they needed to jump it and the sensor was still on. I left the car there and told them to find the problem. They finally said that the fuse went on the sensor, they fixed it. I again picked the car up and now my gas gage is not working I took the car back they fixed it. Now the sensor is starting all over with the beeping noise that lead me to take it to them from the beginning. They have charged me multiple times and have not fixed the problem. They are the professionals and the diagnostic, that I was charged for, should have shown the problem.

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