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I am a veteran with a 90% physical disability. My wife and I are frequently ill and our doctor recently recommended aquatic therapy to us. Our insurance does not cover the therapy, and let me tell you, it is expensive.We decided to build aquatic therapy pool inside the house since it was such a necessary investment. We wanted to make sure we had use of it all year so we chose to enclose it. We hired Champion to construct a sunroom that could control the climate inside in winters. I paid them $2100 in advance provided them the deck to build it. Champion wanted to rebuild it as per their specification, however.They gave me a local county building permit and asked me to use it for getting the deck built so it met the requirements. They told me that they normally over-engineer the plan, therefore, what I had picked out did not need changesWhile constructing the deck, my contractor was confused and asked about the number of the floor joist. Apparently, the height of the deck was lower than their plan. The contractor tried to outline the factor, but Champion refuted, saying that the height was fine.Once finished, the inspection failed because of the lowered height of the deck. The county told us that they would require it to be pressure treated. We were forced to basically remodel the plan.Work continued, but after starting over, they had the nerve to ask me for $35 for windows that they installed, and $400 for asbestos, a test that was mandatory as per them.They never did any tests the first time. So when n I was burdened with the debts, I asked them to share the cost that was incurred because of their negligence.Instead of resolving the issue, Champion quit. They gave us our deposit back without explanation and left us with unnecessary costs. We got the project done as best as we could, but we were still not able to get the sunroom installed. We are still suffering from the debt that rolled over from the last attempt to build it. | Because of Champion, we may never have what we wanted in the first place. I would never recommend them, and I suggest you find someone else immediately if you are currently under contract with them.

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