Champion puppy shop


I saw their website when browsing the internet looking for a puppy. It said to send an inquiry about the puppy you wanted. I sent an inquiry about a pug puppy named Kiko. I received an email back from someone named Mark telling me the price of the puppy and asking question if I had ever owned a toy dog before. I responded by email that I had. He emailed me back and said I qualified to purchase the puppy and when I was ready to purchase him just send them an email. Next day I emailed him and told him I was ready to purchase the puppy. He send me an invoice with the amount and said I had 2 options to pay and both were through western union, one was a cash transaction or second was a credit card transaction through western union. The instructions in the invoice said after I had sent the money to email them a copy of my receipt that had the MTCN number and as soon as he received that he would process the puppy for shipping. I emailed him a copy of my receipt and he replied that he received the payment and he would begin the processing of shipping. Later that day I received a text msg from western union saying a Nasir Potter had picked up the money. I never heard from him about the shipping so I called the number that was on the invoice the next day and a middle eastern male answered and said the puppy would be shipped out that day. Still no email the next day with shipping info so I emailed them again and received an email back that they would check on the status of the shipping and contact me ASAP. Still no info the next day so I emailed them and told them I figured out they were a scam and was going to notify the Arkansas Attorney Generals office.

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By Ronald

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